About Us


I am Sharryn Harewood, the proprietress of Gran Cee. Our limited-selection items are timeless, and your choice from among what we so carefully curate is destined to become a part of your story.

As a native New Yorker, I remain forever enamored by my city’s elegance and that of my exuberant fashionista mother. An only child, my mother instilled in me a true appreciation of a woman's many facets that clothing and accessories reflect. “This just needs a little pop of color," she would tell me. "Just add an accessory, and it will change your whole look." I watched, learned, and absorbed that gift.

My passion for style has since remained constant throughout my 25 year career in hotel hospitality, a business in which distinctive presentation is vital.  

As a frequent traveler with my “Navy Man” husband, I had the opportunity to observe the nuances of regional style and incorporate them into my own aesthetic.

But one thing long disturbed me:  I found there were limited stylish fashion options for the "curvy girl." In my eyes, this was wrong. All women should have the chance to celebrate their uniqueness. So, with a lifetime of experience and a BBA in Marketing, I decided to fill that void.

In 2016, I created Gran Cee, a pop-up boutique catering to women with timeless, elegant taste. This place –our online shop—allows you to be with us from anywhere, and promotes limited-quantity items, selected for a variety of body types, and with inventory that changes quickly. What you purchase today won’t be seen walking toward you at the office, outing or next event.


The Gran Cee Vision & Name

Gran Cee offers shoppers an experience as unique and stylish as the matriarch of our family, who is also the namesake of the company. With the birth of my son, my mother titled herself “Gran,” along with the first initial of my maiden name “C,” signing cards and letters to my son as "Gran Cee." And though our Gran Cee passed away in 2015 at the age of 81, her sense of style and vibrant spirit lives on this shop.